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Centrelink Loans

  • Find and compare multiple Centrelink finance options including; loans, subsidies, benefits & more.
  • Understand the qualification process see what lenders look for.
  • Get genuine money assistance options if qualifying for a loan is not a possibility.

Are you in need of a loan, but have no idea where you can get one because of your income or credit history. Given the current economic climate, it can be very difficult to get a loan. When you are receiving benefits like Centrelink, there are not many loan options open to you. Most money lenders, banks and other financial institutions have very strict criteria when it comes to lending to low income earners or people without jobs, regular income or other means of repayment.

Be Careful of High Interest Short-term Loans

High risk loans like payday or short-term loans are the only options some people believe are available if they are struggling. These type of loans are typically high interest loans, as the risks are perceived to be higher. While they may not always be the best option, they do serve a purpose and can be beneficial in certain circumstances. Some better choices for loans might be Micro Loans through non-profits, Centrelink itself, and Community Initiatives.

Quick view – See loan and benefit options for specific circumstances here.

Below are multiple loan and money assistance programs for those on Centrelink

Micro Loans through Specialist Lenders: As the name suggests, these loans are for small amounts, and to meet any sudden emergencies or urgent needs. With a range of $100 to $5000, these loans are usually processed fast and can be a great option in case of emergencies. Learn more on applying criteria here.

Speckle Loans: This is a small short term loan with lending amounts from $200 – $2000 with a pay back period between 3 and 12 months. Those collecting Centrelink benefits can qualify however no more than 50% of your total income can be made up of benefits.

Good Money: For those living in Victoria on a low income or collecting Centrelink and need a loan, this is a great community finance company with multiple locations. They provide low and no interest loans to cover; vehicle repairs, educational and medical expenses, bills, debt and more.

No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS): This is a small loan amount up to $3,00 and has no interest attached to it. This loan can not be used for general purchases, trips, shopping or debt consolidation, it is specific to the purchase of essential household goods.

Service’s Relief Trust Fund: If you are a Australian Defence Force member you can get access to loans and grants from the Service’s Relief Trust Fund. This fund was established to help members with financial difficulties. Loans come with a very low or no interest rate and can be repaid through a members salary. The 3 fund are the Royal Australian Navy Relief Trust Fund, the Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund and the Royal Australian Air Force Welfare Trust Fund.

Fairloans: This is a non-profit partnership with the Nab that provides low interest loans for people who are having troubles qualifying with a bank. They provide loans between $1000 – $4000 over a 12 month period and approval can be done in as little at 48 hours.

Concession Cards: There are concession cards available from Centrelink, which many people are unaware of. These concession amounts are usually lesser than the above sums. If you are an existing user of Centrelink, you might be able to get an advance payment on your regular monthly payments. This is paid out as a lump sum and is adjusted against the regular monthly payments, so that you don’t end up in further debt, as you will when you borrow from a conventional source like a bank or lender.

If you are dealing with financial hardship and are not collecting Centrelink benefits, find out how much financial assistance you or your family may qualify for through the Centrelink benefits calculators. If you are already collecting Centrelink, you may be able to qualify for additional benefits by reviewing the compare calculator/estimator.

Community Initiatives: In many states and even some cities of Australia, government initiatives have inspired or assisted with many non-profit community initiatives and cooperative societies that help low income group members with micro loans and even financial counseling to get out of the debt cycle. Check with your local community centre to find help.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: Is another possible option for those in need of larger sums of money. To qualify you generally need to be over 21, have good credit and people to prove income, among a few other terms depending on the provider platform. Learn more about peer-to-peer lending here.

Are you in need of a Centrelink loan to pay for bills?

There are better options available, which will not put you into further debt. If you are behind on your water, phone, gas or electric bill, you can contact your provider to negotiate new repayment terms – simply ask to speak to a hardship officer. Some charities will also provide vouchers to help with utility debt, especially to keep the power running.

In addition, you can qualify for other financial benefits that include low income concession cards or an Advanced payment. – these payments range between $250 and $500.

Things to consider before applying for a loan – Understanding Approval Criteria

General eligibility for main stream lenders may include the following:

– Must be 18 years or older (proof with ID)
– Be an Australian resident (proof with ID)
– Earn a minimum net income of around $25k a year (this may slightly vary based on lender). You will also need to be able to prove your income with 2-3 months of payslips or provide 2 years of financial statements if self employed.
– Be able to make repayments after accessing incoming cash versus general out goings. Each bank will have its own ratios that it works from.
– Credit history; If you have any blemishes on your credit history it may be difficult to get approval from the big banks.
– Length of employment
– Length of residency in your home
– Amount of credit you already have
– Purpose of the loan may also have a bearing on if you qualify.
– If you have an established savings of more than 3 to 6 months.

The above is a starting point in understanding what mainstream lenders like the banks look at when considering loan applications. This information helps provide them with a risk profile on the borrower. Other specialty lenders will use different aspects of the above but with a bit more flexibility. They also charge a premium for their funds as they are taking a bigger risk of default by reducing their approval criteria.

If you are not confident in your ability to fulfil all of the above, talk to your potential lender first about your situation before applying. Being better prepared will reduce obstacles and help get you in the right loan.

* Centrelink Qualification Criteria
If 50% or more of your income is from Centrelink, the repayments for the loan you apply for must not go over 20% of your income – if they do, you will not qualify for the loan.

General borrowing tips – Important financial considerations

– If you are applying for a loan to pay off other bills, you may be setting yourself up serious financial issues. Consider non-borrowing options first and speaking to a free financial counselors.

– Before taking out a loan make sure you completely understand the full costs associated with borrowing. Are the benefits of the loan worth the costs?
As an example; Is it worth paying a lender an establishment fee, a loan service fee, payment handling fee (bpay or similar), interest and a possible termination or late fees – that is a long list of potential costs.

– If you have questionable credit, applying for a loan may negatively impact your credit further.

– A good question to ask yourself. How important is the purpose of the loan, is it worth getting in debt for?

Note – Any time you are looking for financial services help, always read the terms and conditions carefully. Try not to make emotional decisions or enter into an agreement out of sheer desperation, you may be putting yourself in a worst off position. If applying for a Centrelink loan or some form of credit, make sure you are fully informed and across all terms and fees, you can comfortably make the repayments and that their is a real benefit for obtaining the loan.

Commonly Asked Questions About Applying For a Centrelink Loan

What are Centrelink loan rates? Depending on who you are borrowing from, the rate can differ immensely. Non-profits and/or government backed loans may have no to very low rates. Examples of these financial assistance products include NILS and Advanced Payments.
For unsecure cash loans, there are numerous short term lenders that provide mini or small loans generally up to $5,000. Most have different types of fees attached to them (establishment fees, monthly account keeping fees, etc) and when calculated out generally equate to a interest rate(APR) up to 48%, depending on loan terms and amount. Don’t forget to look at the comparison rate, which is reflective of all costs associated with borrowing, this can reach as high as 66% in some cases.

What’s the most you can borrow when on Centrelink? There are many factors which determine the amount a person can borrow when Centrelink is the main source of income. Lenders for unsecure cash will generally have a cap of $5,000 or less. Those looking to buy a secure item like a car may be able to receive approval upwards of $30,000. Borrowing capacity is always dependant upon a persons specific financial situation.

What loans can you get from Centrelink? Centrelink does not provide unsecure loans as a traditional lender or specialist lender would. Benefits assistance is however provided; Advanced Payment, NILS, etc.

Those who are collecting Centrelink may however qualify for small unsecure loans from specialist lenders.

How are people getting $5,000 or $10,000 payments from Centrelink? These are not unsecure cash loans for borrowers to access as needed. These are typically forms of benefit payments for specific situations such as The Carer Adjustment Payment (CAP) or Tertiary Access Payment.

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  1. Hi, I’m in need of a $2100 loan in Tasmania. I am on Centrelink but also work part-time, can you give me a centrelink loan? I don’t want a payday loan because the fees are to high. thanks trisha

    1. Hi Trisha,

      Whilst there aren’t numerous loan options available for people on Centrelink, there are a few non-profits that provide loans of this size. In addition, as you are on Centrelink you may qualify for a advanced payment which can help you gain access to cash without taking on a loan.

      I hope the links provided help


  2. I. Would like to start a small business I’ve. Try every lender and been knock back I was unfairly dismissed from my job I have been doing everything I can

    1. Hi Wayne,

      If you are currently unemployed and collecting Centrelink benefits, it may be hard to get any decent amount of cash to start a business. If however you have a strong business plan in place and can show that the business you would like to start can quickly become profitable you may be able to convince a investor. Have you heard of Peer to Peer lending? This is a increasingly popular way to borrow money for most circumstances. Learn more here.

      Good luck!

      1. Hi I am in shared accommodation and our lease is no guaranteed to be re signed due to the owners wanting to move in. There are currently no rentals around and would like to see if I can qualify for a loan upto $5,000 so I am able to purchase a second hand camper trailer in the event that I can’t find any other accommodation then I can put a camper trailer in a caravan park and live there until such time more appreciate housing becomes available.

  3. Hi, I desperately need a $5000 loan to purchase a car. I am a single parent on centrelink and have four children. Can you advise me where I can get some help.



  4. Hey,

    Im a single mum with a 10 week old baby, I am currently receiving Centrelink payments but I’m needing a loan of just roughly $600 to get my car repaired,
    can you help please?

      1. Hi Lila I’m pensioner I have bills catch up with me and rite now I can’t pay this bills I need advance money round $2’ooo to cover and that put me up front what best way to obtain this loan. Please advice kind regards Antoun

        1. Hi Anthony,
          Have you looked at the advanced payment service from Centrelink? Depending on the types of bills you are having issues with, there are many grants and benefits which can help you with this – view here. In addition, if you visit the homepage of our site, there is a clickable map which outlines financial assistance programns by State or Territory.


  5. Peter
    Hi I need to borrow 1500
    am currently unemployed and on centerlink disability..
    am trying to start a small thing where I buy used cars from ebay or gumtree that have fairly small mechanical problems, fix them up and resell to make my profit.
    Bought my first car but am little short on coins for the repire part, thats why am here.

    1. Hi Peter,

      If the car you are repairing will also be used for personal use for a set period, you may be able to qualify for a loan through StepUp or Nils. Also check out this article on how to get money without a loan as it may be of some assistance.


  6. Hi, I am currently on single parenting payments and after a $3000 loan to purchase a used car. Wondering what my options maybe?

    1. Hi Tegan,

      One of the main criteria for loan approval from most lenders is your serviceability of the loan – essentially your ability to make your repayments easily. For low income earners or those with irregular incomes and/or Centrelink, this can be challenging. Luckily there are a few potential options from non-bank lenders or non-profits that may be able to assist. One of the most popular options come from the Good Shepard Microfinance In addition, peer to peer lending is also becoming more popular.


  7. i need 4,000 help buy a car debts and bond. im on centrelink and also work few days a week but have bad credit wont get accepted anywhere please helppp me

    1. Hi Danika,

      As you have a few different financial needs there are a few things you may want to consider. Getting a Centrelink loan from a reputable lender may be difficult but there are possible options, please visit this link for more information on a possible Centrelink loan. In addition, you may want to visit this page for a list of potential benefits to help with certain bills and this link for information on bonds.

      We hope this information helps.

  8. Hi
    I am a single mum on centerlink and my car has just died. I have not got the best credit history. Is there anywhere thay would be able to help me get a loan for a second hand car?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Donna,

      Whilst there are a few Centrelink loan options available, taking on debt to pay bills may put you in a worst position. Have you looked into Advanced Payments from Centrelink, it is a great alternative to a loan. In addition, if you are having difficulties with rent and utility repayments, you may want to look at grants and benefits which can help reduce these costs.

      If the above information and resource isn’t appropriate for your situation, please visit our loan options section and go to the financial counsellours section as they will be able to provide you with further assistance.


  9. Hi. I am a waiter who was only paid cash in hand and wasnt paying taxes. I wasn’t officially employed, I was just doing the job and getting money.
    Can I apply with big banks? Is an official letter from the company stating my length of working there and employment is enough? Will my employer be fined for not legally hiring me? The job market is tough so you happy even to work for a soup.
    I do not live at one place for more than 3 weeks. I live only at hostels and travel a lot. Will they give me a loan if I, as 99% of young adults does not have an estate for $1000,000?
    I earn about 38000 per year – no tax paid. And I never was using bank accounts – its just stupid to pay 2bucks every time you need cash, pay for transactions and monthly fee. Can I apply for a personal loan with normal banks with my circumstances?

    1. Hi Krios,

      Under these circumstances it may be difficult to get lending from a mainstream bank. The issue is that you don’t have a paper trail of your residency and financial history (in terms of tax returns). If you have ever banked with a bank in the past, it might be worth a call to see if you meet their criteria. Peer 2 Peer lending might also be a options as they typically have lending terms which are more flexible than banks.


  10. Hi,
    I’m a single Mother on parenting payment. Looking for a loan to cover my rent as my child support isn’t being paid. I understand garnishing wages is not a quick process. I’m looking at approx $1500. My credit rating is damaged.
    How do I go about applying? What are my chances? How are repayments made? How soon is money received?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      As you are already on Centrelink, you may qualify for an Advanced Payment – this is a great alternative to a loans as its an advance on your current Centrelink payments. If this is not an option for you, contact your local free financial counsellor who should be able to help you with local financial support.


  11. Hi I’m a mother on parenting payment as well as family tax. And I’m looking for a Loan of 2000. Before I do anything I was wondering if it’s possible to go for it

  12. Hi , I am wondering if I can get a loan through centrelink , I m getting the carers payment through centrelink, but the bank will not give me the loan because they consider it an ‘unsecured job’. I look at the short cask loan through “Nimble” and other websites but they are very high interest. I am looking at getting $2000 to fix my car which .

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Cristina,

      Try contacting the Good Shephard as they provide specialised low income loans in the $2000 range. You can learn more about these loans here along with contact details.


  13. Hi my names Jessica.
    im looking for a loan of $2500 to move into a new apartment.
    I am unemployed and on single parenting payments.
    in need of this money desperatly as the house I am currently in is way above my affordability.
    Please help.

  14. I have a broken arm and o am currently on Centrelink till in able to get back to work I’ve had a bone graph been off 9 weeks and not sure how much longer and in need of 500 dollar loan what’s my best option

    1. Hi Aidan,

      As you are currently collecting Centrelink, you may qualify for a Advance Payment which can be a good alternative to a loan whilst still accessing the cash you need. If that is not a option for you, there are a few other low income loan options which you can review here.


    1. Hi Leanne,

      We are not a actual lender, we provide details on possible loan and finance options for low income earners and those collecting Centrelink benefits. We look at responsible lending through organisations that are in partnership with the government or non-profits and these loans are more for financial emergencies or household necessities. With regards to your situation, you may want to review our non-loans section or our articles section which is full of personal finance articles.


  15. I am needing help to move from an island located in QLD after having a mental break down. I am on a disability pension but needing the money to move off which would be roughly $3000. Can anyone help

    1. Hi Damon,

      You may want to look into an Advanced Payment through Centrelink although it may not be the amount you are looking for. Other possible options may include StepUp or Nil loans.


  16. Hey, I’m looking to get a loan for a car around $2500. I’m 19 and unemployed on centrelink, is there anything I can really go for that wont send me in debt. Cheers

  17. Hi

    I’m finding it hard to get work and have the opportunity to move to Melbourne and live with brother. I just need $1000 and was wondering how I can achieve this.

    1. Hi Neoma,

      If you are collecting Centrelink benefits, an Advanced Payment may be of assistance. Other possible options include, Relocation Scholarship from Centrelink if you are studying, Reconnect may be another possibility. Follow this link to see additional aid services – DSS Support Services. The Salvos may also be of assistance as they provide different support options based on your circumstances.


  18. Hi,
    I am receiving Youth Allowance and need to find a lender that will help me with the purchase of a secondhand car at or under $5500, I have my own hobby business which earned $4000 over the past year. I am finding it hard to get approved from any lenders. Is there anything I can do?
    The car would be an important asset to my business as it will allow me to go out every weekend (I am a photographer) and earn much more than I currently do (my mum helps take me to events but only once a month). Thanks.

    1. Hi Megan,

      In this instance you may want to look at peer to peer lending or just try to get by with public transport and save of. You can try a micro loan from the goodshepherdmicrofinance organisation but their loan limits are much lower and are specific to essential living needs…a car may fall into this space.


  19. Hi I am in desperate need of a new car and my partner has just had a spinal fusion two weeks after hi operation my engine in my car decided to just stop I was wondering what I can do to get finance cause i have had no luck so far and I have 3 kids I need to get around plus get my partner to and from the doctors

    1. Hi Yana,

      If you are collecting Centrelink benefits you may be able to apply for an Advanced Payment – this good cover the costs of the repairs depending on the amount. If that is not a option, you may want to look at NIL or StepUp loans.


  20. Hi quick question my wife is on tax a and b benifits and we need a second car as my oldest son starts school next year and with one car and my hours its near inpossible for us to do both i cant borrow as im bank rupt but my wife would like to get a loan for our second car under her name as she is not bank rupt were can she go to get a loan or any advice would be grate

    1. Hi Josh,

      If your wife’s sole income is only from benefits it may be hard to get approval from any reputable lender. Try looking in to NILs or StepUp loans as they may be a good option.


  21. Hi,
    Im a single mum and i just got my license and wanted to buy a car i was wondering if i would be able to get a loan of 5000

    1. Hi Jodie,

      Congratulations on getting your license. Here at LILA we don’t provide actual loans, but information on responsible lending products for low income earners. Depending on your situation, may want to look at StepUp loans or Peer to Peer lending.


    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Try contacting the goodshepardmicrofinance to see if they may be able to assist you. Peer 2 Peer lending may also be another lower interest option.


  22. I am currently renting and am on single parent pension and ftb a + b. My problem is i have 2 loans equal to about $10000that i am paying back at $260 per fortnight. I want to consolidate these into one loan as this is completely breaking my bank account. Normal lenders will not help as i dont meet their criteria because of the rent. Who can i get help from?

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Consolidating your loans may be a great option if you are able to secure a lower interest rate and the fees for doing so aren’t high. If Centrelink is your sole source of income, it may be difficult to qualify with most mainstream lenders. A possible solution for you might be Peer 2 Peer lending or try to manage the debt without taking on any new credit. Here is some great information on tackling debt.

  23. I’ve been knocked back for loans (not the best credit) but desperately need a new computer and bits for study and potential business (as a freelance artist)
    I’m on Newstart and study full time (course is not long enough to change to Austudy) I also work casually. (With regular hours) what are my options?

    1. Hi Chloe,

      We are actually writing a article on this very situation as we have many readers who are on Centrelink and looking for a loan for computers and other equipment. Currently there are 2 main programs we know of which may be able to assist you. Try contacting WorkVentures and Makeitmine.


  24. Hi there,

    I am pregnant and on centreline but the father of the child is in the mining therefore I desperately in need of $30,000 for a car loan. Can you help me?


    1. Hi Amaa,

      The different types of Centrelink loans shown here are for important household needs and only go up to $3000. If you partner is on a good income, perhaps he can purchase or be a co-signer on a vehicle.


  25. So I really need around $2-3000 because I somehow need to come up with bond + 2 weeks advance rent since the main person on my lease is leaving I’ll have nowhere to go. I’m receiving Centrelink and have already taken out an advanced payment a while ago. Is there any help for someone in my situation?

  26. hi, im am in debt $700 with my car finance and $1500 with government fees due to a fine. I’m 18 and not living with parents, is there anything i can do to get help?

  27. I am on a Wife’s Pension and have disabilities. I recently totaled my car and the insurance payout was not enough to buy another one.
    Can you tell me where I could get a loan for approximately $13,000 as I need to purchase a specific type of vehicle that can cater for my disabilities. I have just finished paying of an advance from Centrelink, so that option is closed for another 6 months.

  28. Hi,
    I am travelling to America in December and have been saving all year, though I will not meet my quota for the amount of money I will need. I was hoping to find out about getting a loan of around $2000.

    What are my options?
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Serena,

      Most of the loans recommend here are for financial emergencies and for essential household needs. If you are looking for an affordable unsecured loan, try looking into peer to peer lending, they generally have lower rates than the banks and are a much better alternative to short-term lenders like payday loans.


  29. hi im looking to buy a house 120k and i only have 100k cash on me . still need 20k ?? but i have 2004 mobilehome worth 50k for sale when its sold i can pay back .. im in centrelink newstart . what can u suggest ???

    1. Hi Maria,

      Possibly speak to a mortgage broker or a non-bank lender to secure the remaining funds you need to purchase your new home.


  30. Hi I’m 30 on center link payment and I need 10,000 to pay off a school fee as it keeps getting higher I’m lost with this and I don’t know what or where to go

  31. Hi I’m in need of quick cash as I need emergency tooth extraction and need to buy a car in the $2000 mark any assistance greatly appreciated first things first tooth ache please

  32. Hi I’m Tamara and I am 18 in 3 months, I live in nsw and am currently moving out of my boyfriends mums house, I am a TAFE student and receive youth allowance, can I get a loan to buy house hold necessary items?

  33. Hi ! I’m a full-time student and on Centrelink. I need a loan to purchase a new laptop because my old one has recently died. Would that be appropriate ? I must have a laptop to not only study, but for everything else.

  34. Hi, my boyfriend is on centerlink and wants to apply for a security course at the casino in perth. He needs $1000 for it. Is there a Centerlink loan that will help him apply for the course.


  35. Hi, I just move to Queensland with my 3 kids three weeks ago I got a house but I don’t have funiture I was wondering if centrelink can borrow me 5000.

  36. hey
    just wondering if im able to get a loan to fix my vehicle it needs a good overhaul tires,muffler,bearings,fan belts a single parent with seven children its our only means of transport. ive had assistance with my power bill of 720 so i could get the alternator and rego but cant afford the tires muffler and the rest.roughly gonna cost just over 2500 just for the parts.
    if you can help me in anyway or point me in the right direction would be much appreciated thanks

  37. Hi
    I’m looking for loan of $15000 for buying a truck and start up my own business
    I’ve been Au for 16 monthes only as a refugee , and I’ve worked here as removalest for 4 monthes , could you please help me so

  38. Hi I’m on newstart allowance and desperately need a car loan for $3,500 for the car I want,plus be very appreciated because centrelink a trying to get me a job.thanking you.

  39. I live in Collie with my wife whos on disability, have been on payments for about 18months and work casual hours. Recently our vehicle engine packed it in and we have been unable to make any of her appointments in Perth. The costs were quoted around $3,500 and we have no idea where we are going to get that sort of money from at short notice. Any ideas would be helpful as we need the vehicle for general running around and hospital appointments in Bunbury and Perth.

  40. Hi I was wondering if I could borrow 30,000 To up date kitchen an bath room
    not sure how much I can borrow thanks

  41. Hi,

    I am unemployed and receiving Newstart Allowance from Centrelink, I need to borrow some money to pay my debts.
    Thank you .

  42. Hi, I’ve recently lost my job and have fallen way behind in my bills. I was behind in rent but am finally up to date. I am left with $170 a fortnight after I pay my rent. It seems near impossible to live and pay my bills at the same time. I have already received my advance payment from centerlink. Does the NILS help with bill payments? Or are there other options that you may have please?

  43. Hello I have recently lost my job and was behind on my bills I am left $ 150 fortnight I cannot receive a centrelink loan as I owe money to Austudy

    as I tried to go to University things went from bad to worse. I have beautiful daughter who will be 9 years of age coming September. I have regular access to her through my mother where I have to walk up 25 kilometres either there or back.

    I would like to know what my options are ? thankyou

  44. Hello i have recently found out the my car needs to be fixed and im on centerlink and was wondering if they do loans as it will cost be $700 to fix my car . Im only workin casul but have had no hours so i have not that sort of money sitting around .

  45. Hi I’m wanting to get a NILS loan of $1200 for a laptop for school and other things I need for school like uniform etc, how do I go about applying?

  46. Hi, I’m in need of a $4000 loan currently for study purposes and I am currently only receiving income from Centrelink, I was wondering how to go about that ?

  47. Hi

    Can I get a loan of 1825$ for exam fees ?

    I am an overseas pharmacist and I need a license to practice pharmacy here in Australia. The 1825$ is for the equivalency exam and I am currently on Centrelink (Newstart allowance)


  48. I am currently on youth allowance and heading off to do rural work experience on a farm but will not get paid during training. Am i eligible to get a loan to buy a car as it will be needed (4wd).


  49. Hi:
    My Name is Sara , I am currently on Centrelink regular payment which is new start allowens
    In fact I am facing hard financial condition because I need to move for another home , I’ve got some money just for the bond but I still need to borrow some money between $1500 -$2000 to cover the required payment for moving and the 2 weeks in advance payment and other expenses
    What is the appropriate loan for me and how can I apply for it

  50. I’m a single mum with 2 young children I need a car and I have found one for $10,000 is there anyone out there that can help

  51. Hi,
    I was wondering if you give loans for people on Disability Support Pension to study. Ive been wanting to study Make-Up Artistry for years but none of the courses are government funded and most require the full fee paid before the first class begins. Im wondering if you have education loans (need approx $3000) available? I do not work though as I am studying full-time and my only source of Income is my Disability Support Pension.

  52. i have just been approved for new start and will be receiving my first payment on the 12th of december but i want to go for a loan for $2000 because im planing on going to canada so it will be used for flights, public transport and such. before being on new start i was on youth allowance is there anyway for me to be able to go for a loan due to the fact that even though i need a bank statement im worried i wont get approved because of this

  53. Hi would your company be able to help me with a loan of $5000? I’m recently on centerlink I receive Parenting partnered payments and family benefit payments.

  54. Hi
    I need to borrow about 5000 im currently on centrelink payment i receive family tax benefit. Please advice where,how to apply

  55. My Husband & I are retired and receiving Centerlink Payments. I am receiving a Carer’s Pension & my Husband a Age Pension. I would like to find out where I could get a loan or a grant to help renovate our Bathroom. My Husband suffers from Parkinson’s Disease & our Bathroom has become impracticle for him to use. Can you help please. Thank You.

  56. Hi I’m wanting a loan of up to $5,000 and I’m finding it hard to get one I am getting family tax A and B and parenting payment partnered and I also work casual
    Please help

  57. I work permanent part time 20 hrs a week. Hubby is unemployed. We own our home. We need $20000 to replace an asbestos roof. Have applied at a couple of banks and they say I do not meet their criteria but will not say why. My income is $23000 a year and I want to pay loan over 5 years. I am 55. I do not have any debts, no credit card and only use an old mobile with a $30 a year recharge. I have never had a driver’s licence. Who can help us?

  58. I require 700 dollars to get my car registered.I do casual work but i only get a couple of shifts each week.I only received600 dollars for a fortnights work and i just received my car rego.I am on Newstart Allowance.Is there anywhere i can get a loan to pay the rego.

  59. Hi i need a good no interest loan up to 5000 as i have lymes disease and im in the sever case. I only just got over breast cancer and the horrible kemo. so my immune system shut down and the bacteria from lymes just has hit me hard.i was bitten by ticks nearly 20 years ago in dwellinup and now i need help. i cant work im in to much pain can someone help me i dont want to live with this knowing that if i dont get help soon im going to die . please please

  60. Please help we are interested in a setup loan. we caught up in payday loans as our fridge blew its thermostat and I can not rent any more stuff from Radio rentals until next March. We can afford to pay it off. we just need to get back on our feet again. The start to this year has been rough financially.

  61. Hi I’m unemployed and on Centrelink payments. I have used my advanced payment but my car has died and I either need to get it fixed or buy a second hand car. What can I do or get?

  62. Hello my name is Shaun and I have been offered a job and can anybody help me. With buying cheap ute and. Help me renew my. ljcnese. I can repay $100-150 week towards a 2500 loan or. Whatever amount wil/help I just want to work and give my 3yr old girl a happy chance at good life thank-you godbless

  63. Hi I was wondering if I can apply for a $500 loan I am currently one centerlink I’m with youth allowances I’ve already tried Cigno an I’ve tried a lot of websites nothing could match me I was wondering if I can get a hand with that I’ve already done a advance as wel thanks

  64. Hi.

    I am looking for a loan to buy a car to make traveling easier for me. I have to travel a lot as a pre-service teacher, especially when doing my pracs at schools. I receive the Youth Allowance

  65. hi there i am seeking a loan of $2000 as i am currently on a work training course and have been for 2 months. i have proof of employment contracts and a return to work date stated on the cont. please get in touch soon kind Regards Ross

  66. I am on newstart and I need a loan about $3000 it would be very good if you can help me I am in Tamworth thank you

  67. Hi my is Robert McGregor in looking to borrow $1000 I am on new start can you help me please

  68. Hi I got payday loans to fix my car and also borrowed from family to help fix it. The loan repayments are more than half of what I get a fortnight. Is there anyone who can help me so I have lower repayments. They are getting higher as I have household Billsim trying to catch up on since losing my job. Is there anywhere I can get help

  69. I was wondering is i can apply for the loan. I have been in Australia for 9 year but only a resident for 17 months so not eligible for job seekers allowance. We claim family tax credit. i have no job just now as i have a re-occurring foot injury. I have rising loan and credit card debt any help would be very appreciated. thanks

  70. Ok so i pay rent every week and im a single parent on centerlink no savings and im wondering how or if there would ever be a chance i could get a home loan ive had bad credit but its over 9years ago and im so sick of paying someone else mortgage could send me info if you know a way

  71. Hello I’m needing a 1000 loan I’m on centrelink have a casual job positions I only work once a fortnight for 3 or so hours n only 60 bux for working but I also have pretty bad credit rating can use or somewhere else you no of help

  72. Hey I’m in needing a loan of 1000 on centrelink I have a casual job positions but casual job positions I only work once a fortnight for 3or so hours and ONLY get an extra $60
    So main income is my parenting payment
    I also have pretty bad credit rating can use or somewhere else you no of help

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