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Help for Aussies struggling to get financial assistance

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Financial Counsellors

  • Understand how financial counsellors can assist, they offer more services than people think
  • Get national or local assistance quickly
  • Receive genuine money assistance from professionals that have your best interests in mind.

Financial Counsellors are there to help you. They assist people with a range of money issues and do this on a free, independent and confidential basis. They are trained professionals with extensive knowledge and experience to help you through difficult times.

In addition to strong financial insight they also have relationships with non-profit service providers and government bodies which can assist with loans, debt, law related issues, hardship and different concessions or benefits.

What type of financial issues can they help with?

Essentially financial counsellors will try and support and find solutions to any type of financial issues including emotional support to a degree. Common financial situations that they provide assistance with are:

– Debt, debt agreements, bankruptcy (outlining the pros and cons and how to approach these options)
– Budgeting help
– How to handle debt collectors
– Provide information on government and non-profit services to aid with, home eviction, disconnection of utilities (gas & electricity), phone and other living essentials.
– Emergency financial assistance
– Assist with other unique financial situations

How to contact a Financial Counsellor

There are numerous financial counselling services throughout Australia with each State or Territory having its own support network. A quick online search of “financial counselling + area” should provide you with some options. Alternatively a national support service can be found here or by ringing 1800 007 007.

Be wary of any financial counsellor that tries to charge you for their service.

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  1. Good day.
    I am a pensioner aged 70. d.o.b. 03/07/1944. I am a single person trying to survive on my only income, that being my Pension from Centrelink.
    Due to circumstances I needed to make a Personal Loan from the ANZ bank. (for which I am grateful). Sadly though it is for a 5-7 year period which involves a lot of charges (interest and fees). I have no other source of income besides my pension from which I have to pay weekly rent, gas and electricity bills and of course a few other expenses…Rego (once annually with Pension concession) and twice monthly payment to wards the loan, and a minimum payment toward my credit card, which I have to depend on for matters when my bank account is low. I have car fully paid for and have Insurance cover paid monthly.
    Is it possible for me to get some mental and financial relief from this situation by having access to a small loan to help reduce the interest on my Personal loan. I have found it necessary over the past years or so to take advances on my pension, which naturally reduces my available need for current expenses.Please help.

    1. Hi Heather,

      There are two low income low interest loan options here although they may not be for consolidation purposes. You will need to reach out to them to find out. Also trying contacting a free financial counselor on 1800 007 007 to see how they may be able to assist. In addition, have you tried bill smoothing to assist with how you pay your bills – this process may be of benefit to you.


  2. hi im looking for a loan up to 1000 im on a disability pension nd want one with no credit check

  3. hi i am trying to access fairloans website to apply for a loan it not loading can you help me i need to apply asap

  4. hi I am asking for a friend.
    He is in need for a loan to pay for 4 weeks to rent for a bond.
    He will be receiving Jobkeeper for 6 months
    He is at present homeless.
    The rent for his unit will be $230 per week.
    Thank You

  5. hi I am asking for a friend.
    He is in need for a loan to pay for 4 weeks to rent for a bond.
    He will be receiving Jobkeeper for 6 months

    The rent for his unit will be $230 per week.
    Thank You

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