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Staying on top of your finances can be difficult with the ongoing increases to everyday living costs. Understanding how to efficiently manage your finances is easier than you think and the first step is through budgeting and controlling what is in your power.

Borrowing is rarely the correct answer to financial issues. In case you need some access to quick emergency funds, it is better to try it get it from other sources than opting for a short term loan or pay day loan and incurring interest. Below are some practical tips on how to obtain money without a loan.

Reduce Your Costs – Budgeting
One quick and easy way to improve your cash flow on an ongoing basis is to cut costs. Look at reducing different service plans if you can, items such as memberships, mobile, paid tv, electricity, etc… If you can its even better to go a step further and cancel any services or memberships that you can live without that may affect your lifestyle. An example is paid tv, free-to-air offers multiple channels to provide the family entertainment. There are cartoons, entertainment, news and sports – why waste money on paid TV when you can get it for free?

The cost of utilities is another area that can be reviewed, the competition in providers in this space has increased which means more providers fighting to gain your business. Call around and see if you can get on a better deal or visit a comparison site and see what savings are available to you in your area.

Do-It-Yourself Options
Here are a few great options that you can implement on your own, they are also in order of which you has the most potential for the highest return. They all take a little bit of your time and some are quicker than the others.

– Garage Sale: This option does take some time and does have a few caveats to it; weather, location, advertising, time. If you are a very hands on person this is a great option as you can do the negotiating to get the best return on your items.

– Sell Items Online: Some may consider this to be a little bit easier than a garage sale but it has its pros and cons as well. Some advantages are that you have a bigger audience and your items an be show cased 24/7. Drawbacks can include the time to set up ads; taking pictures, writing up descriptions, answering questions, shipping, returns.

– Pawn Shop: One of the easiest forms of getting cash for goods is to either pawn or sell the items to a pawn shop. The draw backs would include receiving a lesser amount for the goods and not knowing if they will even purchase the goods. You can call ahead of time to see if they would be interested though.

Get a Part-time Job or Consult
Depending on how urgent the funds are needed, taking on extra work is a great way to obtain cash. In some cases they may even lead to another career choice. If you are savvy with a computer, there are heaps of online businesses that allow you to bid on jobs online. Elance is one of the better ones and it provides a large range of job types including: accounting, web design/development, marketing, data entry, finance, etc.

Request a Raise
Sometimes it can be as easy as asking for extra hours or a raise at work. This doesn’t have to be a difficult or uncomfortable situation. Employers are generally happy to see employees take initiative and ask to do additional tasks. they are also happy to reward those who do.

Redraw (for home owners)
Suppose you have an existing home loan and you have been repaying more than the stipulated amount, then you can borrow that money again if you are in financial turmoil. This is called Redraw, as opposed to a withdraw, and can be borrowed from a minimum of $500 – $1000. Another option is to stop the repayments for a short period, after informing your bank. This along with accessing Super should be last resort options as they can impact your future.

If you are in urgent need of some money, and have some extenuating circumstances like loss of job or illness, etc. you can access your superannuation funds. You cannot normally gain access to your superannuation funds until your ‘preservation’ age, which is 55 years for those born before 1st July, 1960. The ‘preservation age’ keeps increasing until it reaches 60 years, for those born after 1st July, 1964. However, in case of severe financial hardship, you can approach the Superannuation Fund and ask for an early release of funds. Depending on the reason you are planning to cite in your application, you have to apply to either the DHS or to the fund directly.

Financial Hardship-In case you are citing financial hardship as a reason; you must to provide proof of Centrelink or Newstart allowances or Disability Funds, along with a letter requested and obtained in the preceding 3 week period before the date of the application for early release. Ensure you consult a financial adviser before you take this extreme step.

Compassionate Grounds-When you are applying on the basis of compassionate grounds, you have to apply to the Department of Human Sciences; they will review your application and give a recommendation within 10 days. Please remember that even after the DHS recommends, you superannuation fund might refuse you.

Other reasons-There can be other specified reasons for early release of your superannuation funds; this could include imminent loss of your primary place of residence, or in other words, if you are literally in danger of losing the roof over your head or in case of any unexpected illness or death of a loved one and funeral expenses. Before you decide to go for this option, please consider that you are dipping into your post-retirement funds and your sunset years might become harder than you had planned.

Another thing you have to note is that even though early access might temporarily ease your financial worries, in the long run, if you don’t pay off all your debts, you may still end up with an ongoing financial crisis. When you dip into superannuation funds, the released funds become vulnerable to creditors, which were previously protected.

Other options to consider prior to redrawing on your mortgage or accessing super can include a range of benefits and low interest loans from non-profits and government initiatives.

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  1. Reason: Rego and Greenslip

    My first car, dues before two weeks
    I am deaf, part-time job, low income as my husband too.
    We have three children. I have FBA and my DSP too

    Need to borrow $800 for rego and Greenslip
    Happy to repay within 3-4 months? or two months?

    Email me: [email protected]

    Kind regards
    Petra Masek-Yi

    1. Hi, sorry this is late as I only just found this page myself. But I’m sure it will help others. I recently found out about this non profit organisation called NILS, they are based all over Australia. They will help you with repairs for your car, rego, furniture, wonderful people anything up to $1200 ($1500) in special circumstances. They don’t worry about your credit rating. No interest and payments are only $40 a fortnight and once paid off you are able to reapply for another emergency loan.
      All you need is the quote from the people that you need to pay and they write out a cheque for that amount to pay them for you. It is so good o know there are actually some good people that will help left in this world. I hope this is able to help some of you out. God Bless.

  2. HI,

    Just wondering if you all recieves my message yet? on 11th April i sent it out.

    LEt me know

    Kind regards
    Petra MAsek-Yi

  3. hi, I m needing a loan to buy a car as the 1 I have no longer go’s, iv been unemployed now 2 yrs due to health, but need a car to keep to my medical appointments, I hope u can help cos iv tried many loans places 🙁

  4. Hi,

    Currently unemployed, been receiving Newstart since Aug’15, don’t have anywhere to stay, in ACT and have been staying at a place which is $220/wk, sometimes just stay on street as accommodation cost eats up majority of Centrelink. Was contemplating trying to access Super due to Severe Financial Hardship, so I can move into a rental property and aid in making myself presentable for job interviews. Have you any suggestions?

  5. apptrnticeship, 22, partner is 23. just had a kid and have a two grand loan to pay before 9 days. i have other fines but they can be managed but unless i can pay this two grand in nine day, we are homeless and i cant find any way to change the outcome.

  6. Just wanting to know if I apply for an advanced family assistance payment do my fortnightly payments continue as normal?

  7. I’m a mother of 3, I’ve been a stay at home mum for past 4yr. The father to my youngest has recently moved out. I now find myself with $460/wk rent. Electricity bills, overdue water bill of $240. He has taken all the furniture including my bed thankfully the kids still have theirs. My car needs repairs before I can register it by the end of next week. Im receiving centre link benefits of combined rate of 1200/ fn. I have such little confidence and don’t know how and where to get any help.

  8. Hello there, I have been unemployed coming up to two years. My wife and I were made redundant at the same time from the same company. My wife has gained employment since but I’m finding it difficult at 46. I do not receive newstart or any benefit as my wife earns over the cut off, fair enough.
    We are slowly rebuilding but find ourselves in a position where our rental contract will not be renewed from the 29th of June. We have a house lined up on the 19th of July but find ourselves short for bond and 4 weeks rent in advance, and moving costs, thankfully it’s not far.
    In saying this, I am humbly requesting a set up loan of $3000.
    Funnily enough we are to receive $6000 from the Govt within weeks of the 19th of July as we always have grossly over estimated our income estimates for family tax benefit part B. I can guarantee loan fully paid back within 6 weeks.
    Thank you for your consideration of my request.

  9. i need to relocate to great southern area but dont have a job to go to as have been a granted a house down there, i can get a job down their once i have done the ticket is there anyway i get there with financial help

  10. Thank you for your offer of service and information. I am a disabled pensioner, aged 65, living in North Melbourne. You may be aware it is planned to relocate a major property development where I live. Have been offered a property – a quiet, single unit of two bedrooms (one for my carer, when required). I am currently under the care of three disciplines at the Royal Melbourne Hospital I must remain in this area. Currently, I have the use of a communal laundry – which my carer takes downstairs for me. In my intended property there is no washing machine or dryer. I have the use of an ‘against the fence’ clothes line. I am being treated for a recent broken wrist which is not healing as expected and a shoulder which I can barely use, certainly not above my head – both right hand and arm. Are you able to assist with a non loan option. I don’t owe any money and my rent, utilities and telecommunications (phone and computer – necessary for hospital appointment, drs., ambulance, etc.) are all paid up. I was informed today that I would have to pay transfer fees, where applicable, and I would be reimbursed. That won’t work for me. Please advise, kind regards Annie

  11. Uncontrollable circumstances have led my husband and I into near eviction notice is in the mail, as I type. We have no debts, we own our car. We are struggling on $490 a week..our rent is $300.00. We have not enough money coming in to cover simple living expenses, let alone medical and pain relief costs. We couldn’t commit to a loan, we couldn’t pay it back. We are currently selling everything we own, but that isnt much. I am deal with a rare breast cancer, and I cannot face doing this living in our car. I have exhausted all help from charities and centrelink. Ive had financial counselling, and due to having no debts, and being smart with our money…they is nothing else they can recommend for us. HELP HELP HELP PLEASE

  12. Hi need help trying to get a loan to pay my rent arrears can pay back no problem but have no Garantour cause my sister doesn’t meet requirements andmum got bad history and dad got in 2 car accidents and owes 15,000 so can’t get help from them and friends say to risky

  13. I am a widow and single mother of two girls and recently relocated to the Fayetteville NC area a year and I have been on disability since I was 21 years old until after three months of living here I was sent a letter that the Social Security was taking my money and as of Jan. 2019 I have been struggling to pay our bills and now it is even worse because they stopped my survivor benefits and one of my daughter’s for overpayment on my social security which mind you mind home state had already did this exact step and found me to be still able to receive my monthly benefits. I am now only receiving one income for one of my girls and it is simply not enough to make it . I am behind on my bills and in need of help asap to pay my PWC electric bill by Thursday at 5pm or my girls and I will not have power and I am still awaiting my recertification letter from our local rental assistance office for my rent to be paid and now it is behind two months because it seems they take forever even after I spoke with a lady and she told me and the property manager she was working on my groups paper work at the beginning of August and nothing has been done yet. I really need help if you all can help me with this matter so that my girls and I are aren’t without lights and a home in a state where we have no one.

  14. i need some help with my rents and ive been calling 211 for covid 19 rent assisting no long can i borrow 1500 for my rents.

  15. My car is dead and I am disabled with a disabled daughter who has fibromyalgia and Graves Disease. She has to see specialists and have regular testing done. Her Graves disease is so bad that she will have to have radiation treatment or have her thyroid completely removed. She is only 21. We have no family and no one to help us. We can’t afford cabs or ubers as our budget is so tight. Is there any help out there please?

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