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Centrelink Calculators and Rate Estimators

Centrelink calculators and rate estimatorsIf you are considering applying for financial assistance via Centrelink, you may not want go through the effort of filling out an application and submitting documentation if you are not going to qualify for the benefits. You can avoid this loss of time by figuring out how much money you could qualify for by accessing the rate calculators or rate estimators available on the Centrelink website.

This simple step can help you create a plan for getting your finances in order. The calculators are a quick way to determine if you can qualify for or get more benefits.  Before heading to the sites to figure out your numbers, here are a few things you need to know:

Different calculator types

There are several different types of calculators available through Centrelink. Each of the calculators are programmed to help you determine how much you could receive based on your circumstances. To get an accurate result, make sure you enter details truthfully and as accurate as possible.

Some of the more popular calculators or rate estimators you can access on Centrelink include:

Compare calculator – for Centrelink rates

If you expecting a life change like employment, job loss, birth of a child or death in the family, you can use this tool to determine whether your payment would change and how much more or less money you would qualify for based on those projected changes. You should know what your current rate is and have any information necessary about upcoming or potential changes to get the most accurate answer

This calculator will allow you to compare Centrelink rates only; or factor in family assistance and youth allowance. This calculator provides two different results. You will receive the total showing how much you receive now as well as a projected estimate of what you may be receiving following a life change. This allows you to see the difference immediately.  Visit the rate estimator here

Estimate payment rates

You can use this tool to estimate how much money you could qualify to receive. It will not tell you whether you qualify; you will have to submit an application to get a final decision. However, you can receive some helpful information regarding potential changes and an estimate of how much you could receive. The number is an estimate and it does not guarantee payment, but if you are unsure whether you should apply for benefits, this may help you decide if the amount you may qualify for is worth the extra time and energy. Visit this Centrelink Calculator here

Child support estimator

You may be able to use these calculators to determine how much money you can expect to receive through child support and/or parenting programs. This is also a helpful tool for parents who have to pay child support for their children. This calculator will not provide information to help families who receive or make payments on more than one case. This calculator only works for parents of the children in question and does not factor in grandparents or other adults caring for the children.

For this calculator you will need income information as well as information about your children including age, case number and other information that could potentially change the amount of money you are eligible to receive. This tool allows you to including Family Tax Benefits, child support, childcare benefits and childcare rebate rates. You can also use this tool to estimate single-family income supplement rates.

You can get help with childcare costs and estimate how much you qualify for through this estimate calculator. If you have a child between 0 and 15 you can use this calculator to determine how much money you get to help you pay childcare costs. Visit the Child Support Estimator here or review more detail on how the calculator works here.

Age Pension Estimators

 If you are 65 or are close to the age of 65, you may qualify for pension funds. You can estimate how much money you might receive by using the calculator tool to determine an estimated amount, based on your current information. While this calculator is not a guarantee of service, it is a good way to get an idea for how much help you can expect to receive. This calculator only offers a rough estimate and does not take into account some complicated factors that may change the amount of money for which you could qualify. It does provide a good base from which to start.

To apply you will need your marital and home status, assets (including estimate of items in the home), cars, bikes, boats, and investment property. You will also be required to provide information on your marital status, pensions and annuities and bank account balances. You should also income information including income from investment properties and employment. Centrelink will use all of this information to determine whether you qualify for this type of pension assistance or not. Visit the Age Pension Calculator here.

Limited Information

The calculators will help you determine an approximate amount of money you may receive based on your situation. Centrelink did not design these calculators to determine whether you are eligible for a payment, though you may be able to make an educated guess based on your results. While your financial and personal information, should give you an accurate estimate, only a professional staff member can help you meet all of the criteria for approval. You will undergo an interview and application process in order to receive a final judgement.

Once you have determined that you are likely to qualify for some help, contact Centrelink to ensure that you have all of the information necessary. Do not be surprised if the amount you qualify for varies from the estimate you receive. The calculators may not consider some factors, resulting in somewhat different results.

If you are concerned about upcoming circumstances or wonder if applying would be worth your time, these calculators can give you some insight into what you can expect. Each calculator provides detailed instructions as well as a list of information you need so that you can successfully navigate the website and the calculator tools.

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