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Small Low Income Loans From $1000 to $5000

It can be difficult for low income earners to get approved for small loans under $5000, especially with banks and credit unions. Fortunately, there are options available through specialist lenders, government, and non-profit partnerships.

However, even through some of these options, loans may have tight restrictions on what they can be used for. This is often the case with government and non-profit based solutions.

In situations where a government or non-profit advance or loan won’t work, there are specialist lenders who may provide you with the funds you need. They generally have fewer restrictions and flexible approval criteria but do come at a cost.

Below Is Detail On Specialist Lending or Apply Now

Eligibility Criteria

– Must be 18 or older
Must have some form of income, at least $700+ per week
– Poor credit is okay
– Have a bank account
Centrelink cannot be your sole income to qualify. You must have an additional provable income source.

Loan Details

Loan Amount: $1000 to $5000
Loan Term: 26 to 50 weeks depending on loan amount (ie. loans $2,000+ = 40 weeks)
Loan Use: These are unsecured personal loans; there is no restriction on how you use the money.
Loan Speed: On approval, cash is usually deposited in the same day (pre-approval in less than 3 min)
Costs to Borrow: For loans up to $2,000 there is an establishment fee and then a set monthly fee instead of interest. See application page for full details based on loan amount.
Loan Savings: No penalties for early payouts, pay early and save.
* Loan service provided by Safe Finance Pty Ltd (ACl 391958)

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Review Other Financial Assistance Programs Below:
Find other financial assistance programs, there are numerous other social services like non-profits that can help with bills, rent, food and small cash loans or grants. If you dealing with financial hardship, there are options available to help improve your situation.

Bill Smoothing – A highly effective budgeting tactic used by utility companies but can be used across all bills. This helps keep monthly expenses at a low manageable amount and avoids large one off bills like rego.
Advanced Payment – For those collecting Centrelink benefits, this allows you to access a portion of your future payments to pay for current needs.
Financial Counsellors – For any general or serious financial issues, counsellors can assist. They have the ability to provide professional advice on all situations. They also have strong partnerships with most financial aid programs to help. There are numerous office located throughout NSW.
Centrelink Loans – If you are in a situation that requires cash, there are a range of responsible lending providers that help Centrelink recipients. Loans range from $100 to $4000 depending on lender and need.
Other Loan Options – In addition to the above, there are a range of other loan options for low income earners. This includes, bad credit, emergency, unemployed, single parent and more.

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  1. I desperately need a loan for a car as I have agorophopia and I am just not getting to the appointments that I NEED TO with Drs etc and I can’t get public transport through severe anxiety!! I am on a disability Pension and really need some help! thanku so much for reading this. regards

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