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Centrelink Advanced Payments

Advanced-paymentsSometimes emergency’s come up and you need extra money before your payment is due. The Department of Human Services can allow you to receive an advance on a scheduled assistance payment like child support or a stipend. There are a few restrictions and requirements you should be aware of before you apply to get an early payment:

What are the eligibility requirements?
Only certain financial assistant programs qualify for advanced payments. In order to qualify for early payments, you should be getting payments from ABSTUDY, Age Pension, Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension, Family Tax Benefit Part A, Parenting Payment, Widow Allowance or Wife Pension.

Most advanced payments required that you have been receiving regular payments for at least three months before you can apply for an advanced payment.

Are there any factors that disqualify and otherwise eligible individual from receiving advanced payments?
Even if you receive payments from a qualifying program and have met the requirements for time, you may not receive advanced payments if: you are repaying an advance payment from more than 12 months ago, owe a debt to the government, are not in Australia when you apply or if you cannot repay the advance our of your traditional payments within 6 months.

Is there a limit to the number of advance payments I can take?
This varies with each program. The Family Tax Benefit Part A allows you to take as many advances as you want with the limitation of $1,074. 12 at any one time.

The following programs limit the amount you can take to between $299.70 and $1192.80: Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, Carer Payment, Widow B Pension and Wife Pension.

ABSTUDY, Austudy, Newstart Allowance, Parenting Payments, Widow Allowance and Youth Allowance Payments have a limit of one advance a year limited to up to $500.

How do I pay an advance back?
Payments are made automatically by reducing your regular payments. Your regular payments will start being reduced on the next date of your regular assistance payments. You can also make extra payments to pay off the advance quicker by going to a nearby Department of Human Services office.

What tools are available to help assist with advanced payments?
You can gain access to your advance payment and find out information about how much you need to pay back and when through your online account. Additionally, your online account allows you to manage regular advance payments and see when you took your last advance payment.

You can also download the Express Plus Centrelink app for your smart phone. The app allows you to apply for advanced payments, check eligibility, check your balance and check your repayment amount right from your phone.

If you are eligible for an advance payment you will receive notice and you can claim the funds from your computer, cellphone or by visiting a local DHS building. Additionally, if you are denied the department is required to send you a statement detailing why your application was denied. Get full details on Advanced Payments here.


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    1. Hi Belinda,

      Please visit the ” Enquire at your nearest branch” link. It will put you in contact with your nearest office to assist you with a possible loan.


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  4. Ive got an advance loan have $76 owing just wondering if I pay that out can I apply for another 1 or are u limited to 1 a year

    1. Hi Justin,

      From our understanding you can have multiple advanced payments – it may be limited to 3 per year, you’ll need to confirm with Centrelink.


  5. my husband is on disability pension and was paying a debt to centrelink and is now paid off. he hasnt had a loan for over 1-1&1/2 years…i was just wondering how much he could receive if he went for his loan now???

  6. Hi! I would like to ask about Centerlink approve loans!? I’m really in need of a car so i can keep a job and also i have 3 really young toddlers as well. I’ve been trying for a while to get any type of loan just enough to buy a car but it is nearly impossible if you are on Centerlink payments!! please could someone help about the Centerlink approve loan

  7. Hi, i just applied for an advance payment online. Im not due for my family tax til the end of next week. Will the advance payment go in with my nxt payment or will i get it this week? Ty

  8. I’m on new start and I need a emergency payment I have a tooth that I need to get removed I’m in a lot of pain but not due to get paid for a another fortnight can I get half of my pay now so I can pay the dentist

  9. On Wednesday 12/07/17 I Took Out A Loan from Centrelink $420.00 Could You Tell Me The Balance and How Do I Pay It back other than fortnightly.

  10. Hi. I’m inquirying about the one off family tax loan.
    If I have already taken out a loan with centrelink and still paying off the outstanding amount am I able to apply for the family tax one on top of wat I’m already paying back or do I have to wait until balance is fully paid?????

  11. I currently doing bachelor of Nursing and I need to purchase a new computer 💻. I will very appreciate if I could have an advance payment, to purchase a new computer. Thank you for your understanding.
    Patricia Calleja.

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