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Churches That Help With Bills In Australia

Churches that assist with paying billsIf you’ve recently experienced some setbacks in life, it is always reassuring to know that there are churches and other religious organisations that offer financial assistance to help people who are struggling economically throughout Australia.

Here is a list of Churches and charitable Organisation that may be able to help in times of financial need.

Anglicare – The Sydney Anglican Diocese offers an array of charitable services for individuals and families in Sydney, Australia and beyond. In addition to providing humanitarian services like support and counselling, mobile community food programs, Anglicare also provides Emergency Financial Assistance to qualified applicants who are experiencing financial difficulties or hardships. The types of help consumers can receive through Anglicare include financial counselling, as well as access to NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme). This loan helps people who live in a low-income situation access much needed funds for everyday items like white goods.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust – The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust is not a church, but rather an Organization that has assisted Australians and their families who live in poverty, have disabilities or suffer from the disease live better lives. They have been in existence since 1912. When other charities are unable to help, the Walter and Eliza Hall Trust often can assist. However, specific requirements must get met to qualify for financial relief. Individuals who are interested in applying for assistance can review the eligibility requirement and download the application online. The completed form must then get sent via mail and will get reviewed by Board Members of the charity.

St. Vincent de Paul Society – St. Vincent de Paul Society helps people throughout Australia with Financial Relief and a host of other humanitarian services. St. Vincent de Paul Society offers local help in the states of ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, and WA. Further, National Programs and Services are also available at these local offices. The Society offers financial counselling and related services in NSW and QLD. However, individuals under financial stress from anywhere in Australia should contact the Society if they need help.

Wesley Mission Queensland – Wesley Mission Queensland provides a variety of humanitarian services, including Emergency Support Services for people who are in dire need of assistance. This organisation helps with Family and Youth Support, Aged Care, Disability, and Mental Health Support, as well as access to financial counselling and guidance on securing NILS or StepUp loans for short-term financial needs.

If you find yourself in a cash flow crunch, you can take comfort knowing that there are plenty of churches, Religious, and even Governmental programs available in Australia to help you get through the rough patch. Other places that might be able to provide additional support include local churches who work directly with people in the communities they serve, outreach centres and smaller, regional charities who deal directly with others to help them improve their financial or life situation.

In addition, there are utility companies that provide assistance and specific government subsidies that can be used.

We hope that you find this article helpful in getting your personal finances in better order. Good luck!

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