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Charities That Help With Bills In Australia

Charities that assist with paying billsSometimes in life, you need a helping hand to make ends meet. Luckily for residents of Australia, several charitable agencies offer financial, and other types of assistance to people who are laboring to pay bills including rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, and to groceries.

Here is a list of Charities that provide financial and other types of assistance to Australians who are in need.

Salvation Army – The Salvation Army provides “Hope Where It’s Needed Most.” If you are having troubles paying your bills or you need help immediately, the Salvation Army offers Emergency Relief. To find out if you qualify for Emergency Relief, you are advised to contact your local Salvo by phone to speak with an Emergency Relief Assessment Team Member. The Emergency Relief Assessment Team is available to process inquiries from 9AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Please note that these assessments may only get done through a phone call, so there is no need to visit your local Salvos Connect community centre.

In addition to assisting with bills, the Salvation Army offers a wide range of other support services to help Australians with Financial Counselling and Literacy so that applicants can equip themselves with the tools they need to improve their financial situation.

St. Vincent de Paul Society – Vinnie’s changes lives every day! The St. Vincent de Paul Society is another Charitable Organization that helps Australians with Financial Assistance and Financial Counselling, as well as other related services. The services that Vinnie’s provides services to residents of all provinces of Australia.

Uniting Communities – Uniting Communities offers a range of financial services to help citizens throughout Australia get control of their economic situation including Financial Counselling and services, as well as support. Additionally, this charitable Organization can help with Emergency Financial Relief, resources for moving, and access to no or low-interest rate loans to help improve your financial capabilities to deal with temporary cash flow crunches.

Centacare – Centacare provides financial assistance to residents who live in the communities of Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Ceduna, and Coober Pedy. If you’re in need of monetary relief, you must schedule an appointment with a Centacare Catholic Country representative at one of their offices during scheduled hours for availability. Individuals who are looking for financial relief should be sure to bring all required documents for this assessment meeting to determine eligibility.

Uniting Country SA – Uniting Country SA offers a wide variety of services to help those who are having troubles paying their bills with Financial Relief. In addition to Financial Counselling, Uniting Country SA gives Emergency Financial Assistance, Financial Counselling for people who are problem gamblers, Microfinance Loans, and Low-Income Support.

Help With Energy Bills
If you have found yourself in a tight financial position, and you’re having troubles paying for your energy bills, speak with your vendor and explain your situation. Hardship programs are available to all consumers who are experiencing difficulties with paying their energy bills. Learn about other options to manage high energy bills below.

We hope that if you have an economic setback, you will find these resources helpful in solving your issues.

Bonus Bills Assistance Options
In addition to occasional assistance from charities that help with bills and emergency expenses, other organisations also assist with bills. Learn about subsidies from the government and financial aid via utility companies and other programs below:

– Did you know that certain churches may help with emergency bills or financial assistance. The amount may vary but in some instances they could even put on an event to help raise funds. Learn about churches that assist with bills here.

– Get help with your utility bills, electricity, gas and more. Learn about different government vouchers and assistance programs along with options provided by the utility companies. Find out if you qualify for help paying your utility bills here.

– Another way to access financial help to help ease the pressure of monthly bills is through subsidies. Learn more about hardship assistance and centrelink benefits here.

– Petrol prices are on their way up and is a major concern for many low income individuals and families. Check out these options for help with petrol. Learn how to keep costs down and take advantage of free or cheaper fuel.

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