Free Financial Advice in Australia

free financial adviceIf you are dealing with money problems, struggling with debt or having a hard time with bills, there are numerous professional organisations across Australia that can help and provide free financial advice.

Reduce the stress and worry by speaking to a unbiased, professional who can get you in control of your money and sort out the issues you are going through.

A quick phone call to any of the below options will get you one-step closer to getting back on track.

Free Advisor
The federal government of Australia offers free financial counsellors to anyone that needs it. You can call Financial Counselling Australia’s Hotline at 1800 007 007 whereby you will be transferred to the centre in your State or Territory to provide a counsellor that is closest to you. You can alternately find these counsellors on line at the ASIC’s website after hours.

These financial advisors can provide a number of services with an aim to not only get you out of debt but to provide the advice you need to stay debt-free. They can negotiate repayment agreements on your behalf, contact your creditors to arrange different payment options and even prevent them from harassing you. They also can see if you are eligible for government assistance programs to help you financially. This service is provided free of charge and is not like a commercial debt consolidation company that charges fees to do so.

A popular non-profit that offers free debt consolidation is Christians Against Poverty. This organisation provides free financial advice to low income earners and those that need help financially. They are linked to different centres throughout Australia, so there may be an office near you.

The government provides a charity or non-profit searchable database for finding a charity that may suit your needs. This database is broken down into different ways of searching for what you need. You can find a non-profit here.

Throughout history, churches have been some of the largest charity organisations for society, providing help to the poor and needy in many ways. Not all can provide financial advice, but many can. Contact your local congregations to see if they have any financial advice programs near you. The Salvation Army in Australia has such a program that can be found here. They provide free financial counselling and financial literacy training to ensure that not only can you get out of debt with the right advice, but also that you can stay debt-free through learning to budget and money manage.

Free Lawyer
Although legal aid is not a financial advisor, in financial legal matters you may need their help. You can find legal aid in your community here.

City Services
In most urban centres there are city services that also may be able to help you. Cities often provide free training and education seminars on various issues that concern its citizens. Find your city’s website or call their help line to see if they can offer a program to suit your needs or suggest a local community group that is offering free financial advice.

In addition to these services, if you are dealing with serious financial issues, you can get immediate money help through crisis payments, Centrelink Advance Payments and even certain Centrelink loans in certain instance.

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  1. Hi.
    Am seeking advice on leaving a small investment with AMP as it is to mature and I cannot yet access my super.
    I have only 2 , and very moderate super accounts with Vicsuper and Hostplus , and would have AMP roll this money over to one of these if this was preferable to leaving this money (around %10,000) with AMP.
    Any advice of an advisor for low income earners in Melbourne would be most welcome.


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