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Top 5 Debt Relief Nonprofits (and Other Resources) in Australia

australian nonprofit debt assistance
When you’re in financial crisis, it’s tough to reach out for help. Fortunately, Australia has some legitimate debt relief nonprofits poised to help you – and they’re full of understanding individuals committed to connecting you with the resources you need. Here are five debt relief organisations you can turn to for assistance when things get rough:

Salvation Army Australia
The Salvation Army’s Salvos Centres offer a number of financial counselling resources to assist you in your time of need. The best part about the Salvos Centers: they can help you get your documents in order and assess your options.

Salvos Centres have a financial literacy support network, so if you need to restructure your finances or better understand loan and relief options, you can find help here. That’s crucial after a surprise medical emergency or car repair, because we all know that these unexpected expenses can send you down a rabbit hole of late payments and related charges.

The Salvation Army supports both short-term needs, with financial assistance available, as well as long-term solutions to move forward and out of poverty.

Find your local Salvos Centre here.

MoneySmart can help you tackle the emotional difficulties of being in financial crisis, which isn’t something you’ll get from every financial counsellor. They understand that providing emotional support is key in moving forward after a financial crisis.

Is MoneySmart for you? If you’re at the point of struggling with rent, needing assistance for food, or being unable to fill your prescription orders with the chemist, you should consider reaching out to MoneySmart. They can also help you with things like safe transportation the doctor and getting appropriate clothing for your next job interview.

Reach out to MoneySmart today.

National Debt Helpline
The National Debt Helpline isn’t a debt relief organization, but it’s made the list because it should be your number one reseource for finding a debt relief organisation. It’s a navigable site, easy to read, and tells you exactly what you can expect from financial counselling and where to obtain it.

Connect with the National Debt Helpline

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)
The ACCC recommends many resources, including finding legal advice to help you interface with your creditors. These legal resources vary by territory, so access your local government for more information on each possibility.

Read more from the ACCC.

Got Student Loans? Start with StudyAssist
If you’re having trouble managing food and rent and you still have a student loan, it’s past time to reach out to StudyAssist regarding your loan. Their HECS-HELP program is designed to help you manage and reorganize your student loan debt obligation.

Reach out to StudyAssist now.

If you’re struggling with crippling debt and emergency expenses in Australia, you’ve got many options to help. The above recommendations are all part of the government’s structure or specifically recommended by them. Make sure you go with an organisation you can trust to avoid scams and fraud – and always check with your financial counsellor first if you are unsure about the reputation of any specific entity.

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