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Saving and Budgeting Tips

budgetingIn today’s tough economic climate, everyone is feeling the pinch and so is on the lookout for saving a few bucks wherever possible.
You have to learn to stretch your dollar by being inventive and imaginative.

Here are some practical tips for getting more from your bucks:


1. Try to combine many chores and errands into one trip, where you can save on petrol and time.

2. Try to see if you can carpool with friends on errands; this will cut your expenses even more.

3. Buy foods in bulk, freeze and refrigerate. This will work for weekly sales on groceries, meat, fruits and vegetables.

4. Use your coupons. They are given to you for a reason; many consumers get items for almost free this way.

5. Do not waste leftovers; scour the internet for leftover recipes and make them attractive so that even your children will eat them.

6. During holidays, use the Secret Santa system just like in offices. Share the excitement with your children and make it an adventure.

7. For birthdays, anniversaries, etc. do your own cooking with the help of family and friends. This will help you save tons in catering charges.

8. Maintain a holiday fund and a wish-pot; keep adding money to both regularly and in no time, you can have a stress free holiday and also your wish.

9. Pool your insurance coverage for your house, car etc. and you will be able to save a pretty packet.

10. If you are planning your wedding, try to keep it outside, in the park or the beach. Have a simple catered meal, served as a buffet. A sit down meal will cost more in tables, chairs, their
covers and decorations. Think about all the potential wasted food because people will take only what they need.

11. When you want to go on holiday, book in advance so that you can get the best discounts.

12. Try out sites like Simple Savings for recipes, money saving tips and ideas.

13. Keep your credit card and debit card at home. If you carry them with you, the temptation to swipe away your income may be too much. This is one way to cut your spending when you don’t have the
will power to do it otherwise. Try avoid any new credit or loans.

14. Eat sensibly, at home. Cook your meals in advance and freeze them; this will help you save both time and money. You don’t have to eat out or eat unhealthy takeaway every day, if you pre-cook your meals. Be healthy and wise.

15. Be discipline when it comes to paying your bills on time, this keeps you from incurring extra charges or penalties.

16. Keep meticulous records of what is being spent and what you are saving.

17. Cook you baby food or infant food at home; you just have to ensure that there are no lumps for the baby to choke on. There is nothing to stop you from giving your baby home cooked food.

18. Do not fall for company’s advertisements; they are not always the best prices.

19. Keep your alcohol, cigarette and other such expenses under control.

20. To save even more just stop smoking and drinking.

Practical savings and budgeting can be the difference between the life you deserve and the one you have. By using the cost cutting tips above; you can not only be debt free, but stress free as well. The decision is yours; make it a good one!


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