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Government Loans, Benefits & Support For Unemployment

If you’re unemployed, financial stability is an immediate concern. Newstart Allowance is here to help – it’s the government financial assistance program for unemployed Aussies. Here’s exactly what you need to do to receive Newstart Allowance Benefits.

If you need help at any point, you can contact Centrelink for assistance. Centrelink’s financial counsellors can answer your questions.

  1. Determine Whether You Qualify for Newstart Allowance
  • To receive Newstart Allowance benefits, you need to qualify. The criteria are as follows:
  • You’re actively seeking employment
  • You’re not old enough to be a pensioner, but you’re 22 or older
  • You can meet obligation requirements
  • Your current income and assets are within limits
  • Resident of Australia for 104 weeks or more, citizen of Australia, within a specific visa subclass, or a refugee

Note: striking is not a valid reason for Newstart Allowance benefit claims, and your visa situation may permit or prohibit eligibility, so it’s important to inquire about your specific circumstance.

  1. Track Your Job Search

When you apply for jobs, you need to track the search to continue receiving Newstart Allowance. We suggest you do this by tracking your search and results in a spreadsheet so you can easily provide the information when it comes time to report.

  1. Create a myGov Account

You need this account to apply for Newstart Allowance and other services.

  1. Access Centrelink

Once you’re in, navigate to your Centrelink account. Navigate to make a claim > get started > claim now.

  1. Fill out the claim form

With the form, provide any additional info the form requests, and click submit.

What Next?
Once you submit the form, the government may contact you for additional information, such as specific proof, pay stubs, supplemental income proof, or more. Keep all your paperwork handy and assume that there will be a follow up request. Having this information at the ready means you’ll be able to keep the process running smoothly, and hopefully, get approval quickly.

How Much Do You Get from Newstart Allowance?
In general, single people receive $538.80, which comes every two weeks. This changes broadly based upon your situation, however, so it’s important to check the requirements and apply to determine the final disbursement amount.

How Else Can I Get Help?
Centrelink offers a payment and services finder which enables you to input your information and see which services might work best for you. If you’re able, do this process prior to speaking to a Centrelink financial counsellor. You can also review crisis support programs and other possibilities here.

The process is set up to provide you with the time you need to find new employment. If you get hung up during the process, it’s important to contact Centrelink to make sure you don’t delay your potential payments (or take time away from your job search).

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