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Dealing with Unemployment

ID-10055840Have you just lost your job and are not sure what you next step is? If so, the important thing is to realise that you are not alone. With the unemployment rate recently recorded at 5.7 per cent, many Australians across the country are facing the same issue you are.
It is also important to know that there is help available to assist you through this time. There are several programs available, through the government that can help you financially and assist you with finding another job. Here is a look at some of these benefits.

Financial Help Available

There are several programs that can help you out financially, while you are unemployed. Below is a look at the top benefits and other money assistance options can be found here.

Newstart Allowance. This program is designed specifically for people who are unemployed. It offers a regular payment of up to $699.90 fortnightly for the timeframe that you are not working. There may be certain waiting periods put in place before this benefits starts, and recipients are require to create a plan for finding employment.

Income Support Bonus. If you receive the Newstart Allowance, you will automatically receive this extra bonus. It provides an additional payment of $105.80 for single people and $82.20 for those with partners. It is paid two times per year, once in September and once in March.

Rent Assistance. This program helps people financially by paying a portion of their home rental expenses to offset the total cost the person must pay. Eligibility for this program is based on income, and can be received on a temporary basis or increased during times of unemployment.

Emergency Relief. The FaHSCIA (Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) are special emergency relief funds for families who are struggling financially. This program can help with food, rent, utilities, medication, transportation and more. They are run by more than 700 organisations located across the country.

There are a few other financial assistance options available for the unemployed here.

Help with Job Search

There are also several programs and services that are available to help you find another job. Here is a look at these top services.

Service Centres. There are Service Centres located all across the county. These centres have computers and printers available to use for free for job seeking purposes. This allows you to search online to apply for job and to print your resume and other important information.

Local Connections to Work. These LCW centres provide valuable information to people who have just lost their job. It offers information on the different federal, state, and local programs, benefits and services that are available to them. It also provides career support, job search assistance and information about various training options that are available in their area.

Remote Job and Community Programs. This program is specifically for those people who live in one of the 60-named remote areas of Australia. It is designed to help these people because they may find it more difficult to find a full-time job in their location.

Jobs, Education, Training Child Care Fee Assistance. This program will help pay a portion of your child care expenses for you to search for a job, study or receive specialised job training. The exact amount this benefit will cover depends on the type of child care provider you use.

The good news is that there is a lot of help available to keep you financial stable during this time and to help you find a job. It is, however, up to you to apply for these services and make the most of them. It is highly recommended that you apply for benefits as soon as you lose your job. This will help you budget your money better and ensure that you get all of the benefits you deserve.


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  2. I new help to apply for new start allowances since I have been made redundant and is a single mum. Can someone help me to apply for this.

  3. Hi
    I need help for my rent as I am struggling at the moment I just lost my job and I just started a new job which is on call . I just need to pay my rent and I will try my best to pay the money back. Anyone help me please, much appreciate it

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