How the Unemployed Can Gain Valuable Experience to Help Them Land a Job

job assistance for the unemployedIf you don’t have the right skills, finding a job when you’re unemployed can feel impossible. But getting the skills anywhere but on the job isn’t always an option either. For those struggling with unemployment because of a lack of experience, the jobactive Work for the Dole program may be the solution. Here’s what you need to know.

A lot of unemployed in Australia right now is in part due to ageing industries or those that have been replaced by technology. Retraining is the perfect way to reinvent yourself and get a job. Don’t be scared off by starting a new career, successful people do this all the time.

What is Work for the Dole?
Work for the Dole is a job experience program designed to give job seekers a method for getting the skills they need to secure regular employment. It focuses on connecting unemployed individuals with organisations that let them gain the experience they need while simultaneously giving back to their local community.

The program is designed to help those struggling with long-term unemployment. This specifically includes individuals receiving support through Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance, or Parenting Payment (as long as the youngest child is at least six years old). Additionally, the job seeker must have a mutual obligation requirement to continue receiving income support.

How Many Hours of Work is Required in the Program?
The number of hours you will work under the Work for the Dole program depends on your age and capacity. In most cases, if you are between the ages of 18 to 29, you will work 25 hours per week for six months throughout the year. Those aged 30 to 49 must only work 15 hours per week, and those 50 to 59 can use the program as well as volunteering to reach their 15 hour work week requirement.

During your time in the program, you will continue to receive your unemployment support payments. The purpose of the experience is to help you gain skills to help you obtain employment, allowing you to cease your need for financial support from the government.

What Kind of Experience is Available?
Since the program is meant to help you achieve employment, the Work for the Dole program teaches skills today’s employers want to see. This can include building soft skills like teamwork, communication, and reliability. You will also learn hard skills in different areas depending on the kind of work assignment you take on.

All work completed through the program will be in a nonprofit organisation, such as charities or government agencies. This ensures your work helps support your community while giving you a chance to build on your experience to increase your future employment opportunities.

Some common work options include animal or wildlife shelter skills, computer graphics work, gardening and maintenance, office administration, rehabilitation or public parks, retail work, and warehouse duties. Your jobactive provider will help match you to opportunities based on your current capabilities and future employment potential.

If you are interested in learning more about the Work for the Dole program, contact your jobactive provider to discuss your eligibility and determine what options may be available.

Financial Help
In certain instances those looking to retrain or learn a new role may need some help purchasing items for their training. There are different government benefits that are there to help with finances in addition to certain loans for the unemployed who still have the means to make loan repayments.

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