Free Petrol and How to Make Fuel Costs More Manageable

how to get free fuelAustralians are worried about the cost of fuel with 73 percent of them being very or quite concerned. Figuring out how to control this expense can seem tricky, especially since you can only limit your time in a car so far. However, there are tips and tricks that can bring fuel costs down, and many are easy to implement. Here are a few tips from Low Income Loans Australia that you can start using today.

Combine Trips
The easiest way to lower fuel costs is to drive less. What is an easy way to accomplish that task? Try combining your trips into fewer outings.

For example, if you need to visit the grocery store, a family member, and take your child to a school event, see if these can all be done in one trip. Plot the optimal route between the locations to determine if it is shorter than going to each destination separately. If it is, then you’ll save fuel by using that approach.

You can also lower your fuel consumption by selecting common destinations, like grocery stores, that fall on your normal routes, such as your daily commute. Then, as you pass by the shop on the way home, pull in and take care of your shopping before heading to your destination.

Watch the Weight
Excess weight in or on your vehicle harms your car’s fuel efficiency. That means emptying your car of unnecessary items can save you money every time you drive.

Similarly, avoiding storing items on the roof of your car is also a way to save money during trips. Instead of using cargo containers, try to fit everything inside the vehicle. This makes managing the weight easier and ensures your car is as aerodynamic as possible.

Scout Fuel Stations
The cost of fuel can vary dramatically from one station to the next, and regularly selecting the least expensive option can save you a lot of money over time. You can learn a lot about price variances by simply observing the fuel stations that you pass by on a regular basis and, in some cases, may even spot a station that is traditionally cheaper than others in the area.

If you want to try a more technical solution, consider getting a fuel app. These track the prices at fuel stations and can let you know who has the best price in your local area.

Do the Maintenance
Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is affected by many things, including when you last performed basic maintenance activities. Keeping your engine in tip top shape and keeping your tires inflated properly can improve performance. Other activities like replacing dirty air filters, getting an oil change, and topping off the coolant can also help lower your fuel costs.

You don’t need to go above and beyond to reap these benefits. Refer to your car’s owner’s manual to see the recommended maintenance schedule, and do your best to stick to it. That will help you keep up with the requirements and get the most efficient fuel usage, contributing to keep your costs low.

How to get free petrol
Navigating a family budget can be difficult month to month; especially when trying to budget for the fluctuating costs of petrol and other bills like utilities. For many families there may be instances where even with the best budgeting, additional help may be needed to keep the car on the road. Below are some ways to potentially get a hold of free petrol here and there to assist families needing help.

Credit cards – certain cards have incentive programs to where you can save per gallon during fill ups or potentially bank points and get a certain dollar amount that can be used later. Depending on how much you bank up, this may be able to give you a free tank of fuel here and there.

Gas points credit cards from petrol companies – Similar to some credit card companies that have different incentive programs, so the petrol companies and generally their programs are more beneficial as they are the providers of the petrol.

Non-profits & charities – For emergency situations and one off assistance, many nonprofits or local charities including churches will provide help with filling up the car. Simply call local organisations in your area and discuss you need to see if they provide assistance.

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