Christmas Help for Low Income Families: Including Free Gifts

Free toys for Christmas in AustraliaFor low-income families, Christmas can be a difficult time. It is hard to explain to children why there might not be a gift for them under the Christmas tree. Luckily, there are many organisations that will help make sure your child feels special this holiday season. If you are looking for free gifts to help make this Christmas magical, here are some organisations that can give you the support you need.

The Salvation Army
One of the most well-known charities in the world, The Salvation Army collects donated toys and other items throughout the holiday season and distributes them to families in need all over the country. Not only can you find a gift for your child, but that gift will be matched to suit them personally. Donations are made for children of all ages, from nursery to teen, making it an excellent option for families who need a little help.

Toys and gifts are donated across multiple categories including crafts, sports, dolls, action figures, electronics, and more. The Salvos are very active during the holiday seasons helping low income families enjoy Christmas.

Berry Street
Berry Street sponsors a Christmas gift appeal for needy families to help get gifts into the hands of vulnerable children throughout the area. Their focus is on kids whose home life has included incidences of violence, neglect, and abuse. The goal is to provide them with a Christmas morning just like those of their classmates and friends by making sure they have a special gift waiting for them Christmas morning.

The Smith Family
Bringing the feeling of Christmas to disadvantaged kids is part of The Smith Family’s mission. Donated toys and books are available for children in need across Australia. The goal is to make sure every child gets to experience the magic of the season on Christmas morning. And that gives parents something to smile about too.

And Much More
Many more organisations provide access to free toys and gifts for those in need during the holiday season including:

– Barnardos Australia
– Vinnies Good Works
– Charity Link
– Melbourne City Mission
– Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia
– Benevolent Society
– OZ Child
– Puddle Jumpers
– Wesley Mission
– The Pyjama Foundation
– Catholic Care
– Heart Kids
– Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia
– Uniting Care Wesley
– Family & Kids Care Foundation
– Variety
– Anglicare
– Brotherhood of St Laurence
– Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Local organisations, such as churches and other religious groups or non-profits may also provide assistance when available.

Want to Help?
If you want to help a family in need, you can donate toys, books, games, and more to any of the above organisations. You may be able to drop items off at a local toy drive, or you can easily donate online. Cash donations are also accepted to support the needs of less fortunate families across Australia.

Many organisations also need volunteers to help manage toy donations and other critical offerings. If you are unable to donate, consider volunteering to help those in your community who could use a helping hand this holiday season.

If you are a low income family but don’t feel you are in such a financial situation that requires assistance from a charity, there are other options. There are different ways to earn extra money to pay for gifts and other items for the holiday season. Learn more about different Christmas loans and alternatives.

We all have the ability to make the feeling of Christmas accessible to those who need us the most.

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  1. I’m a single mum with 2 babies and we have been homeless for 10 weeks now and I have had to spend extra funds on caravan parks and stuff. I have no money to supply for my family this week and badly need help. Crisis payment special payment anything concidering centrelink wont give me a advance or urgent payment. I have no where to go and no one has been able to help me. What do i do

  2. Centrelink are no help. We have waited four weeks for our claim and they are still having technical difficulties matching my partner and I. I have spoken to many operators, crisis assistance, referred back and forth, spoken to supervisors, managers and it all lies in the hands of DHS I.T department.
    I spoke to the Commonwealth Ombudsman yesterday, so hopefully something with be rectified this week as we are in so much debt. Both recently retrenched, we have exhausted our bank accounts, and yesterday receive an email advising an eviction notice will be issued if rent is not paid.
    We feel so powerless…. Borrowing money to keep up is not helping.

  3. i am single mother with 3 boys. i did it on my own. i get ssi. i really need help with christmas for my kids. i cant work. it is hard. i am get divorce right now.

  4. I have tried every thing even silly servays just get a hipe of phonecalls looks like i miss out a can i dont know how this stuf works i just whont to join the family this year and not be the onley one not to give a givt pls Help

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