Free Money in Australia

Free moneyDid you know there is literally millions of dollars in benefits, grants and tax breaks for low income earners in Australia? Most of this money is available from the government in the form of income supplements and benefits to ensure a basic standard of living for all Australians.
These services are wide ranging and can really help the family budget.

Get money to help with bills, transportation, medical expenses, education, childcare, food and more. Below is a list of some of the most popular and widely used options across the country.
How much free money are you entitled too? Try the benefits calculator

Popular Government Benefits

If you care for another individual, there is a good chance you may be eligible for a monthly stipend for it. There are 5 different carer benefits in this category including the Carer Payment and the Carer Allowance.

With over 10 possible payments for families there is sure to be one that could help you. From the costs of birthing and adoption, to simply raising a family on a low income to caring for a disabled child to providing education support and even child care benefits and rebates.

Indigenous Australians
If you are an Indigenous Australian or live in a remote area of Australia there are a number of allowances mainly for providing education supplements but there are some for remote living allowances as well.

Job Seekers
Have you lost your job and need help until you get another one. There is income support, child care support and retraining support programs that can help you get back on your feet all providing free money.

Older Australians
Have you worked your entire life are now retired and finding it hard to cope with your bills? There may be help for you as well with an age pension, seniors health card and a widow’s allowance.

People with Disabilities
If you are suffering from a physical or mental disability then you are more than likely eligible for free money from the government. Or if you are off sick for a short time period or have a mobility issue there are free money programs to help you too.

If you are an Australian student there are a number of programs from the government to help you through the massive costs of education or retraining. From ABstudy to AUstudy, a youth allowance to a relocation scholarship there are a number of different programs that offer free money.

The government provides free money in the form of benefits although they also do provide cash in certain instances like an advanced payment.

Non-Profits and Charity Grants
The government may be the main provider of financial assistance, however they are not the only one. Nonprofits, charity organisations and churches all have discretionary spending awards for those in need and many have a number of programs to help people out in certain situations. They come in the form of grants and do not need to be paid back, they are given out to help those dealing with extreme financial situations.

Not many things in life are actually free, but depending on your situation, there are lots of financial options to help out in Australia.

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