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ntAre you having troubles with your finances? Do you money concerns which are causing you stress? Get help through one of many National or NT specific financial support options including; loans, bill assistance, advice, counselling and more.

There are multiple financial services for Australians throughout NT. Whether you are in one of the larger cities like Darwin, Palmerton or Alice Springs; or smaller areas such as Kathrine or Nhulunbuy there are great services available to you. Even the smallest regional towns have access to local and national financial assistance and programs.

If you live in the Northern Territory and are low-income earner, you may qualify for special benefits and financial helps through the government and non-profits. These benefits are designed to help offset the costs of some of your everyday expense, in order to help you better manage your finances. These special discounts, grants, and rebates are separate from the programs offered through the Centrelink office and must be applied for separately. Many of the benefits are bases on your income, age, family size, and other criteria.

Below is a look at the top financial assistance programs for low-income earners in Tasmania.

If you are in need of immediate financial assistance, visit our loans options section.

Household Costs

Northern Territory Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme. This scheme is specifically designed for seniors, veterans, and carers living in the Northern Territory. It helps to reduce the cost for water, sewerage, electric, council rates, travel, garbage rates, spectacles, urban bus travel, motor vehicle registration, driver’s licence fees, and stamp duty fees.

Bond Assistance. This program is specifically for renter and can help cover the cost of the required bond to move into a new apartment. It will cover up to 4 weeks of rent to use towards bond. In extreme hardships, this program may also pay an addition 2 weeks of rent.

First Home Owner Grant. If you are looking to purchase or build a home for the first time, the Northern Territory government may provide a grant of up to $25,000. This can be used towards a down payment on a home. Beginning 2015, this grant will only be able to be used for those people who are building a new home.


Senior Card. The Northern Territory Senior Card is for seniors who are over the age of 60-years old. It provides a special discount on transport costs and on goods and services at participating vendors throughout the territory.


Anglicare NT. This organisation provides a variety of programs to individuals and families throughout the territory, such as aged care services, help with housing, counselling, migrant and refuge services, food, clothing, and mental health services.

Australian Red Cross. This is a well-known charity that helps people with emergency and disaster recovery services. It also provides financial support for those they consider locational disadvantaged. They offer supportive services, such of food and nutritional educational, early intervention programs, parenting classes, child development services, and more.

Baptist Care. This organisation helps those Northern Territory residents who are aged and/or disabled. They have more than 160 facilities and programs across the territory. They provide services, such as respite care, residential services, home care services, and community housing.

Salvation Army. This charity provides residents in need with a variety of supportive services, such as addiction counselling, help with gambling issues, domestic violence support, financial assistance, financial counselling, help with housing, food, transport costs, help with utility bills, employment services, and aged care assistance.

St. Vincent de Paul Society. This organisation provides numerous financial supportive services, including assistance for those facing homelessness, food, food vouchers, clothing, back to school supplies, household goods, furniture, disaster relief, emergency assistance, financial support, and help paying utility bills.

The Smith Family. This program is specifically designed to help children throughout the northern territory succeed in their education. They provide a variety of services, such as mentorships, tutoring, and learning support services.

No Interest Loan Scheme (NT). If you are in need of cash to fix or replace a household item, this may be a great option for you. It is a loan up to $1500 and comes with no interest and may be repaid over a 18 month period.

Financial Advice

Financial Counselling Australia. Financial counsellors are there to provide free, independent and confidential advice for those having money problems. They have a national presence and will be able to help you over the phone and may even provide you with assistance in your area s they have numerous offices and partnerships.


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